About Us

Flashover Lures is owned and operated by professional firefighters ( CCFD ) that have a passion for fishing. Each lure is hand shaped out of wood and individually painted. We use innovative techniques that make each lure unique unto itself. Each lure and fly is made of quality components from start to finish. The colors and patterns used are tried and true from Marlin and Tuna to Bass and Crappie and everything in between. Flashover offers top waters w/ rattle, twitch sink, Gold and Silver spoons and soft plastics. If you prefer fly fishing we offer inshore and offshore flies. Redfish, Bonefish, Black Drum, Speckled Trout, Largemouth Bass. These are just some of species the species that the fly patterns have been refined to target. Flashover does not use plastic packaging. So orders will be shipped safely but loose. Helping to preserve the environment that we all love. We hope you enjoy fishing the way out grandfather's did with individual hand shaped wood lures and flies. Thank you and good luck.